My case against a backward, pretentious, hypocritical little Northern California city.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Poverty Wages

One thing that distinguishes Chico from other towns I'm familiar with is the prevalence of poverty wages. It's an acceptable condition in this town as evidenced of the general philosophy here and also by the fact that poverty wages are prevalent. Also, the evidence of it is in the fact that it's basically a room-mate town. Not only are students forced to live with room-mate, so is the general population. Then people have the nerve to make fun of people for it and for not having a decent job. If there's some secret on finding a decent job here, then I would like to know what it is.

I once told my boss, at the time, that I was barely making it on my wages and she told me maybe I needed to learn to manage my money better. I've also heard and been told over and over that you just need to fall in line and that if you're not making it here it's something you're doing wrong or not doing right. This tells me further that people here just accept the bad conditions and expect everyone to conform to it.

Then you have the people who will tell you that your problem is not a problem at all and that it's all the same everywhere you go. But I've lived elsewhere, in places where poverty wages are not acceptable and therefore do not exist. And in those places, by the way, the population is more accepting of diversity, therefore I never felt out of place. Chico is homogeneous and intolerant of diversity, mostly insidiously and they love their complacency about conditions here.

Dumb people.

Monday, June 30, 2014


The town is basically a bunch of factions, cliques, and everyone is expected to have one and identify with it. They, of course, use their clique power to bully people and impose their group think on everyone.

What's totally stupid is they consider this a decent solution to the problems that exist here. I've literally had people advise me, when I'm having a problem here, to get with my own little group and settle there. They consider gathering in, essentially, gangs a good solution. That, obviously, is the lazy cowards route to supposed success.

Just more division and ego identification.

They just don't get it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

STuck Up cunts

The women here are primarily stuck up cunts. Especially that fat red-headed cunt at Warner St Grocery/Market. You say Hi and they don't say Hi back, look at you and treat you like a bug and always afraid someone's going to look at their skanky asses.

And that's what's funny too; they're all scuzzy bitches that get fucked drunk and stoned as often as possible and act like there's something sleazy about you.

Fuck these worthless cunts. Toss em in the dumpster.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Identities and Cliques

Chico is essentially run and over-run by cliques and people with identities who follow particular idiotic ideologies. This is the common advice in Chico: Find your group, identify with it, separate out and get narrowed down. Of course, they dress up the advice with typical psycho-babble, pseudo-intellectual, politically-laced talk, but the way I put it is what is behind what they say.

Truly a town with candy-coated encouragement of hate, prejudice, division and ego.

It's all fiction. Their identities are fictional characters they portray.

It's amazing how a whole town of people can act nice and advocate the same kind of behavior as Nazis.


Monday, May 19, 2014

People Not Listening and Shutting You Down

Chico is a "my way or the highway" town. People give lip service about free discussion but they like to shut you down, with words, gestures, looks, etc, if you actually think differently than the average backward pretentious dipshit that is the average resident of too-many-trees-too-hot-in-summer-no-decent-jobs-bunch-of-bigots-and-fake-liberals-ville.

Yeah, fuck your trees, by the way. Nothing special about that shit. It's the whole reason allergens are so bad here. These artificially imposed trees; probably that bigot Bidwell and his uptight wife planted all of them.

Either way, I'll take an ocean breeze over a bunch of trees any day.

Competitive Assholes

This is not something just peculiar to Chico, but it's very strong here: Competitiveness. This is also why the divisions here are so strong; why people can't help but focus on someone's sex or race or if they are homeless, etc. At my old job, they liked to encourage competitiveness; both management and workers encouraged it. The battle of the sexes, that old worn out idiotic game used to be played. Assholes. Pure assholery.

Everyone is trying to impress you and out-do you. Dumb as it gets.

Then everyone trying to prove their way is better. Or white people's way is better; total self-centered identity, divisive competitiveness. Their group is always better, etc.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Allergens

Chico is deep in the horrid Sacramental Valley and gets way too hot in the summer time and at the same time all the dust, molds, pollens and other allergens get trapped in the valley and suffocate the local residents. Ever since I've lived here I've felt hazy and can barely breathe.

It's too far inland and the isolation of the geography is also reflected in the backward culture and the fact that people here are scared of anything actually different and unique and carry around with them, and impose on some of us, their ignorant prejudices.

But mostly the people who love it here don't seem to notice, they're too busy getting drunk and stoned and pretending they're progressive for doing so.