My case against a backward, pretentious, hypocritical little Northern California city.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blatant Backward Bigots

This is another part of the population that permeates the atmosphere of dear-old Chico. The town folk like to pretend to be enlightened because there's a University here, but basically it's just a little hick town with a population locked into factions and identities, local celebrities and petty tyrants; a lot of people hopelessly trapped into the status quo, while pretending to be fun-loving and open-minded.

I've run into countless backward bigots while here. One time a guy told me how a Chinese guy put up the blinds for his windows incorrectly. First, why does it matter that the guy who did it is Chinese, and secondly why tell me? What an idiot. Another time, a girl was mad at a store-keeper who was Chinese, and told me that the store-keeper doesn't even belong in this country. Another time, a martial artist was blatantly making fun of the people and culture of the martial art he practices, blatantly making it a point that he could degrade a whole people verbally in front of me. One guy told me that someone tried to steal beer from the truck he was unloading, and it was an <N-Word> who did, no maybe it was a Mexican. I mean, these people rattle off the bigoted comments like it's as natural to them as taking a walk or eating lunch.

I never told any of these people off. I really should have. What a disgusting lot of half-wits. Someone ought to tell them.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Case Three: The Control Freaks

There are various forms of control in Chico, all of them result in alienation. What you say, do and think is controlled by shutting you down, controlling the boundaries of conversation, the brush off, and evil and snotty looks and glares. Everyone from the patriotic bigot to the fake feminist liberal use this tactic, further enforced by cliques with loads of people engulfed by their own identities. If you're a man you are seen as a potential predator and rapist, so you are forced to stifle any urge or natural tendency or interest in women. Women are thought to be good housewives.

Another form of the brush-off is slapping slogans and 5-point programs on everything to simplify it and avoid any depth of inquiry. These people think they're smart, but they're just mentally lazy and overly simplistic.

Everything is based in alienation, pressure, fear, and conformity, with their little cliques and local elite. Nonsense.

Also, they have this work ethic that essentially only places value on you, ironically, if you consent to be a slave. It is thought to be normal to work hard for pennies and to be abused and over-used in the process. Above all, OBEY!

The fake liberals and the backward bigots abound, and set the discourse and activity. All of them have the pretense of believing in freedom, but all of them stifle you. All of them have the pretense that they care, but they turn their heads to those in need and support a system that degrades everyone. Lame.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Case Two: The Cops

Since I was a teenager, I've been harassed by the cops in this town. They'd stop me for walking up the street, ask me my name, address, race, smirk at each other, ask me why I'm walking around. Then, as an adult, I'd get pulled over in my car, written up for any minor infraction, while others not quite like me never got pulled over for the same thing; finally, got so many tickets, couldn't keep up with them, got multiple late-fee fines, couldn't pay them off, got my license suspended; still can't pay off those fines, will never drive again. Combination of prejudice and trying to fill a quota, I guess. Needless to say, like a lot of minorities in Chico, can't stand to see a cop driving on my block. In addition, if you are too poor to pay medical bills and other things, they will turn you into the Butte County Credit Bureau to have your next to nothing wages garnished; and they can't figure out why there's so much poverty here. Once I wrote a check for a few dollars to get my girlfriend medicine, and the check bounced and they threatened me and made me go to financial awareness classes where I sat in class with people who purposely ran up tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt for TVs and CD players. Pure nonsense.

Want to know more about the violent drunks and hatred in Chico history, check here and here.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Case One: The Job

Back in 2000, I needed a job, and I lived (still do) in Chico, California. Those who live here know that you are only likely to get a job which pays minimum wage, unless you somehow gain favor through nepotism or discrimination; otherwise, you are mainly guaranteed to make minimum wage, or, if you're lucky, a little more than 8 dollars an hour. So, good luck if you have a family or a girlfriend or boyfriend to support. Of course, there's always the option that your girlfriend or boyfriend can also get a crappy job; then you might not go hungry or get evicted from your run down apartment or falling apart house which you rent from a phoney yoga practicing exploitative landlord or landlady.

But, back to me: back in 2000, I was desperate for a job. Me and my girl got a place but had no money, no job, nada. I see an ad for a job in the paper, go apply for the job, interview, soon start to work. Pay started at around 7 dollars an hour, and the hours were uncertain.

Eventually I got regular hours and eventually got 8 dollars an hour. Here were my responsibilities: The care and instruction of at least 3 persons with developmental disabilities; tracking their progress in a day program; creating program plans which included objectives/goals for clients (the work of a case manager); incident reports; progress reports (again, the work of a case manager); daily documentation. I'm sure there's more, that's off the top of my head. On the job, clients might run off into the street, hit you, scratch you, spit on you. Co-workers regularly were hostile, make disparaging remarks toward you, and were generally miserable. I personally was given the most difficult clients. I was praised for accepting any old kind of work they threw at me (until the day I defied them; I'll get to that part later).

Staff, such as myself, were not allowed breaks; once they essentially told us that if we wanted to keep our jobs, we had to sign a paper saying we didn't want to take breaks. We were doing case management too, and case managers get paid much more than we were getting paid and don't have to do direct care.

Where I worked, there were mostly women, and mostly hostile towards men; they would often make prejudicial remarks about men, were constantly suspicious of men, and made your life miserable if you were a man working at the company. Pure hate. Should be sued.

Here's the good part. I looked in my clients' files and found out the company got anywhere between 30 and 50 dollars an hour for each client while they were in program. I most often had 3 clients at a time for six hours out of the day. I made 8 dollars an hour, the company made between 90 to 150 dollars an hour off of my work (for working with 3 clients). Six hours out of the day, they were making a minimum of 540 dollars off of my work. I was paid a fraction of a percent of what they made off of my work.

In Chico, this is the kind of treatment that is expected. Bad jobs, bad pay, and you are expected to endure it, appreciate it. This from a purportedly liberal town (really it's a conservative town, with lots of liberal posers). If so liberal, why does the transit system suck and why are you expected to accept being abused and treated like a slave for low pay on jobs, and why is there such pervasive poverty and much homelessness? Well, because the liberals are pretentious, hypocritical, fantasizing, posers.

So, finally one day the boss asked me to correct some of my paperwork, corrections that were bogus, and I refused to do it. And I got fired.

Good riddance.